Asthma an insidious suffocating disease

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In particular, researchers are astounded by the numbers… , of words 1502. *- February 22, 1998 TAKING OUR BREATH AWAY Asthma, an insidious, suffocating disease, is spreading across City in epidemic proportions, overwhelming the public health system as it steals the breath from ever more people. An estimated half-million ers, from the tiniest infants to the frail elderly, now suffer from this chronic, incurable illness more than 6% of the population.With numbers that large, the city has the worst asthma rate in the country. The hospitalization rate here is triple the national average and… , of 2 2 words 1501. Sunday Times, The London, England – October 24, 2004 Age-old mystery of asthma Asthma is an ancient illness, but modern Britons suffer from it on a scale never witnessed before. Report by Roger Dobson Almost 1,000 years ago, a young Moses Maimonides was telling his patients about a new treatment for asthma.Cut out sexual activity, keep warm and drink plenty of chicken soup was the advice from this 12th-century sage and physician to Saladin.It is not known how popular this restrictive therapy was, but it was certainly no cure. The search for that… , of 13 words 1501. *- October 4, 2004 Asthma times three, Children cope with the lung disease, which also has affected their mother at times Asthma is a well-known word in the Turner household. Amy Turner and her husband, Scott, have three sons – Chandler, 8, Mason, 5, and Gage, 2 – who have asthma. There would be times when I would have two kids on breathing treatments at the same time, she said.The Bowling Green woman also has had bouts with it herself, though it doesn’t bother her often now. I have flare-ups when the seasons change, and I have medicines I take with… , of 9 words 1501. Boston Globe, The MA – February 11, 2004 ASTHMA TOPS CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES, N.E. STUDY EXAMINES ENVIRONMENT, POVERTY AS CONTRIBUTING FACTORS Asthma affects one in eight children in New England, eclipsing all other chronic illnesses of childhood and flooding emergency rooms and clinics with hacking, wheezing youngsters, according to a report scheduled to be released this week.The study from a coalition of federal and state public health agencies provides the most comprehensive assessment ever of asthma in the six-state region. It found that more than 0,000 children have been diagnosed with the condition and that its… , of 1097 words 1501. Weekend Australian Australia – February 8, 2003 Asthma study takes a deep breath Asthma patients may find relief though a series of simple exercises that could reduce their reliance on drugs, says Janet Fricker COULD learning to breathe differently improve life for asthma sufferers and even reduce the amount of medication they take?This is the suggestion made in a study published last week in the medical journal Thorax.Researchers at the University of Aberdeen in the UK have found a significant number of sufferers have symptoms exacerbated by abnormal breathing… , of 1112 words 1501. Sunday Territorian Darwin, Australia – October 6, 2002 Action plans fight asthma ASTHMA affects two million people around Australia. More than 60,000 Australians are admitted to hospital annually because of asthma.It is a major cause of school absenteeism and child emergency department attendance and admission to hospital.In 1999 the Commonwealth Government declared asthma as one of the six national health priorities.Asthma Week is an annual activity carried out by all Asthma Foundations around Australia highlighting the condition.The main objective is… , of 0 words : 11 – 20 of 295486 |1 2 5678910111213 151617181920
– May 7, 2002 ASTHMA AFFLICTS 12% IN STATE, STUDY SAYS Asthma is emerging as a significant public health concern in California, according to a new state study showing that nearly 12 percent of the population — an estimated 3.9 million children and adults — have been diagnosed with the respiratory disease at some point in their lives.Nearly 750,000 Californians experience the wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath that characterize asthma every day or weekly, and the state’s overall asthma rates are higher than the… , of 10 words 1501. *- July 9, 2001 Asthma on the rise HOUSE CALLS Asthma affects more than 10 million Americans.

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