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Asthma treatment

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Blacks are three times more likely than whites to die from asthma attacks; black males between the ages of 15 and are seven times more likely to die than their white counterparts.This disproportion has been firmly… , of 10 words 1501. Capital Times, The Madison, WI – October 18, 1994 ASTHMA < THIS CHRONIC AILMENT AFFECTS YOUNG, OLD, MEN & WOMEN ALMOST EQUALLY Asthma is an “equal opportunity” disease when it comes to age.It’s a common condition — which constricts the airways — that can surface in childhood or wait until later in life to rear its ugly head. It also shows no prejudice with men and women — affecting both almost equally. Asthma tends to be a chronic ailment, and, unfortunately, it’s on the rise — bringing with it lots of wheezing, coughing and breathing problems…. , of 973 words : 21 – of 295486 |12 3 45678910111213 151617181920
. Hamilton Spectator, The Ontario, Canada – October 8, 1994 Attacking asthma Aspects of this disease remain mysteries ASTHMA STILL puzzles doctors. It’s a common lung condition that leaves about 10 per cent of children breathless. And contrary to what many think, it affects adults too.Genes and the environment seem to play a part in the disease, but its exact cause isn’t known. The person who figures out what causes asthma gets the Nobel Prize, says Dr. Peter MacLeod, a lung specialist at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.Aside from the cause, there is… , of 1108 words 1501. Evansville Courier, The IN – March 5, 1994 LIVING WITH ASTHMA IT CAN BE FRIGHTENING FOR BOTH SUFFERERS AND THEIR FAMILIES \ Asthma is a family affair, says Dr. Robert Fisher.Fisher, a family practitioner, should know. Not only does he treat patients with asthma, he suffers from it, as does his son Joe, 7. More than 4 million American children have asthma, and Fisher calls it a ”major stress*for their families.”Siblings of asthmatic children often attach horrible significance to an attack of asthma, Fisher says. He recently found… , of 1027 words 1501. The Record New Jersey – May 17, 1993 GROWING UP WITH ASTHMA CHILDREN LEARN WAYS TO MAKE BREATHING EASIER Asthma is no big thing. Just ask Terrill Northern. If Terrill runs a few yards to score a touchdown in street football, and then starts to wheeze, or feels tight in the chest, he knows what to do. I just sit down and rest and see if it gets better, said Terrill, a fifth grader at Grace Breckwedel Middle School in Jamesburg. If it doesn’t, I go get my inhaler. If people start to make fun of you just because you… , of 90 words 1501. *- July 21, 1992 ASTHMA ON INCREASE AMONG YOUTH IN U.S. MOST COMMON CHRONIC CHILDHOOD ILLNESS TRIGGERED BY COLD AIR, EXERCISE, ATMOSPHERIC IRRITANTS, VIRAL INFECTIONS. Asthma is on the rise in America among young people like Marissa Parnell. `It makes my chest hurt and I cough a lot,’ said the fourth-grader at Fort Island School in the Copley-Fairlawn school district.`It doesn’t feel right.’ Marissa is one of 3 million children suffering from asthma in this country. Some 16,000 young people in the five-county region are affected.Asthma means that the air tubes of the lungs are narrowed by tightened muscles,… , of 1095 words 1501. Sun-Sentinel – MAY 7, 1991 BREATHING EASIER TREATMENT OF ASTHMA HAS IMPROVED IN RECENT YEARS, AND YET, MORE PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM THIS CHRONIC DISORDER. Asthma treatment has vastly improved over the last 20 years. Doctors are more aware of the breathing disorder and better able to diagnose. They also have a larger arsenal of therapies to relieve the wheezing, gasping and struggling for breath that each attack brings.Yet around the world, more people are dying of asthma. In a trend seen over the last two decades, asthma is increasing. At least 10 million Americans, or 4 percent of the nation’s population, are asthmatics, up from… , of 1046 words 1500. *- May 25, 2006 Children raise asthma awareness Dollhouse shows household triggers Asthma is the most common childhood disease and in this country it has reached epidemic proportions. Children from the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club contributed to a display case at Town Hall by designing and decorating a dollhouse that identifies common asthma triggers found in the home environment.

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