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Asthma treatment

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The display also shows ways to make a home environment asthma friendly. In addition, the children will be distributing asthma posters to local businesses. During the month of May the… , of 477 words 1500. *- May 1, 2006 AAAAI: Uncontrolled Asthma During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Complications PRNewswire — Asthma affects up to 8% of pregnant women and can get worse during pregnancy in approximately % of women, making it a very serious medical problem to complicate pregnancy, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology AAAAI.Due to a decreased amount of oxygen in the asthmatic mother’s blood, there is a direct relationship between low birth weight and uncontrolled asthma. Since a fetus requires a constant supply of oxygen for… , of 628 words 1500. *- April 5, 2006 Studies Show Asthma Disparities Still Exist Between Whites and Minorities PRNewswire — Asthma affects 20 million Americans, with minorities having the greatest risk of dying from, or being diagnosed with the disease. African Americans are particularly at risk and research shows they’re four times more likely to be hospitalized and five times more likely to die of asthma than non-African Americans.Studies published in the February 2006 Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology JACI, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Allergy,… , of 6 words 1500. PR Week – April 29, 2005 PR Week: Healthcare: Awareness Campaign Close-up – Asthma Day puts focus on lifestyle Asthma UK will launch an information card badged ‘Stay fit and active’ as part of a focus on lifestyle messages to mark the forthcoming World Asthma Day.The aim of the card, which contains ten ‘top tips’, is to encourage people with asthma to exercise more to help control symptoms. The timing of the general election two days after World Asthma Day has, Asthma UK concedes, led to PR activity being scaled back relative to years…. , of 4 words 1500. Chicago Tribune IL – September 27, 2004 Disease tightens grip in Illinois Doctors, researchers look for right mix of public policy, prevention to lower the state’s rising mortality rate As the rate of people dying of asthma continues to decline in most states, the mortality rate in Illinois is going up, according to federal statistics. And the reasons behind this mysterious spike in asthma deaths remain as puzzling as the disease itself. Some view the mortality increase as an indictment of public health care. Others see it as a deadly byproduct of poverty and pollution. Still others blame it on a lack of public awareness about a disease that sends thousands to… , of 2247 words : – of 295486 |123 4 5678910111213 151617181920
Kitchner, Ontario, Canada – September 3, 2004 Preparing FOR WEEK , Take maintenance medication now to avoid asthma misery, experts say Asthma sufferers beware. The worst week of the year for coughs, wheezing and clogged lungs is almost here. Very bad things happen in September, says Dr. Fred White, a Kitchener allergist and immunologist.The third week of September — week — is particularly bad for asthmatics, especially young children who could be rushed to hospital for emergency treatment in record numbers. There’s almost 10 times the number of hospitalizations… , of 10 words 1500. *- February 23, 2004 REGION’S KIDS LEFT GASPING FOR AIR, HIGHER ASTHMA RATES TIED TO INCREASE IN EXHAUST Asthma among children is rising – affecting an estimated 0,000 youngsters in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties – and exhaust from a growing number of cars and trucks is among the suspected causes.Air pollution is known to hinder lung development, increase asthma among athletes and cause coughs and runny noses, but experts say many other factors could be causing the asthma epidemic. While smog and ozone levels have fallen sharply in Southern California over the… , of 1 5 words 1500. Sydney Morning Herald, The Australia – December 2, 2003 Study links asthma and mental illness Asthma patients should be closely monitored for anxiety and mental illnesses, Australian experts say, following new evidence that the breathing condition is linked strongly to a range of psychological disorders. Researchers from Germany and the US have found that people with asthma suffer mental illness at two to four times the rate of the rest of the population, according to the first large-scale study of the long-suspected connection.

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