number of people diagnosed with asthma rises every year

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Asthma treatment

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It is the most common chronic childhood illness and is one of the leading causes of school and work absence. The number of people diagnosed with asthma rises every year.What is asthma?Asthma is a respiratory condition characterized by obstruction of airflow in and out of the lungs. Two factors contribute to the obstruction. One involves the tightening of the muscles around the airways. The other occurs when the walls of the airway become… , of 710 words 1501. News-Sentinel, The Fort Wayne, IN – May 5, 2000 AFRICAN AMERICANS MORE LIKELY TO BE HOSPITALIZED FOR ASTHMA While asthma cases rise nationally at an alarming rate, the suffocating lung disease strikes hardest at African Americans. Blacks are much more likely to be hospitalized for it and die from it.Blacks and whites younger than age 65 are diagnosed with asthma at about the same rate. But blacks die from the disease three times the rate whites die from it, according to a 1997 national study. The study also found that blacks were hospitalized for asthma at a rate more than twice the U.S…. , of 2185 words 1501. Advertiser, The Adelaide, Australia – February 26, 2000 Asthma stalks our children Asthma is the most common reason for hospital admissions among children, and it’s on the rise, says Medical Writer BARRY HAILSTONE.ALEX Cameron was two when he had his first asthma attack. He didn’t wheeze, but it was obvious he suddenly had difficulty breathing. The muscles in his neck, chest and stomach were visibly straining. Robyn Cameron feared her son would choke.“He was having such a hard time just breathing it was frightening,”… , of 1 3 words 1501. *CA – September 4, 1999 ASTHMA AT EPIDEMIC LEVELS IN U.S., INNER-CITY KIDS HIT HARDEST Doug Kaufman ”had asthma, not any worse than any other kids in his neighborhood” in San Diego, his mother, Debra, recalled. ”They all had inhalers.” In fact, the Kaufmans figured Doug had outgrown his asthma at age 8. He even joined his high school track team. Then at 19, while working as a movie theater projectionist, Doug had an asthma attack. He collapsed, alone, a few feet from the… , of 1870 words 1501. Daily Herald – June 20, 1999 Asthma growing fast among suburban children Asthma inhalers line the counter in the nurse’s office at Naperville Central High School. During the school year, more than 0 students could use them at any given time. That’s the number of documented asthma cases in the records, said Judy Smith, the school nurse.Central isn’t alone.Health experts say asthma – an inflammatory disease of the airways that obstructs breathing and causes episodes of uncontrollable wheezing – is rising at alarming… , of 10 words 1501. *- November 8, 1998 ASTHMA DEATH LINK SOARS LUNG DISEASES CONNECTED TO 500 CASES A YEAR IN CITY Asthma is far more fatal in City than reported, contributing to nearly double the number of deaths ly attributed to the chronic lung disease every year. A Daily News analysis of information culled from death certificates shows that asthma is the primary or secondary cause of death in an average of 500 cases a year well above earlier tallies that counted only deaths in which asthma was the primary factor.The new statistics offer the fullest picture so far of the toll the… , of 1151 words 1501. The Dallas Morning News – December 9, 1996 AIR APPARENT Asthma investigators look beyond pollution for subtler risk factors. Figuring out asthma can be like trying to learn a foreign language. Just when everything starts making sense, you get to the complicated part – say, the subjunctive tense. I’m a pulmonologist, and the more I learn about asthma, the more confused I become, said Dr. David Mannino of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If things were only more simple.Since the late 1970s, urban air quality has improved by most measures,a development… , of 1787 words 1501. *- December 8, 1994 THE BIG WHEEZE ASTHMA DEATHS CLIMBING, ESPECIALLY AMONG BLACKS Asthma is one of medicine’s confounding paradoxes.Researchers understand the chronic respiratory disease better than ever, and new drugs are highly effective. So why has the death rate climbed sharply, and why is asthma so much more common among blacks?

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