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To him, it was a personal thing, and he tried not to give it too much thought. He had no idea that 16% of his classmates at South Division High School — twice the national average for people under 18 — also live with asthma.Like his fellow students, he didn’t know exactly what causes asthma, or how to prevent it. Over the past two years, though, South Division students have explored the illness, its causes, and… , of 1609 words 1500. Evansville Courier, The IN – October 23, 1998 ASTHMA FELLS 1,000 A YEAR IN COUNTY Asthma, which health officials say can generally be controlled, appears out of control in Vanderburgh County.Almost 1,000 people a year are being treated in local hospital emergency rooms for asthma attacks, and almost 1,000 asthma patients have been hospitalized here in the past three years, a new study found. Study participant Victoria Kelly, director of health-care quality and education for the Tri-State Business Group on Health, said there are several reasons the Evansville area would… , of 710 words 1500. *- February 23, 1998 A SCHOOL SYNDROME In the throes of an asthma attack, a sixth-grade girl gasps for air at Public School 101 in Forest Hills and there is nothing the school nurse can do except frantically dial 911. They took her to the emergency room, said nurse Eleanor Toussaint, aware of how asthma can spiral into a potentially deadly crisis.At PS 2 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a first-grade boy can’t catch his breath. The teacher saw him not breathing right. She called me… , of 2695 words 1500. Newsday Melville, NY – April 19, 1997 PERSONAL HEALTH / A New Way of Dealing With Asthma ASTHMA IS a chronic respiratory disease in which the small airways in the lungs become inflamed and the patient wheezes and has trouble breathing. It is frequently underdiagnosed and undertreated, especially in children, and can lead to a host of complications, according to experts. It claims more than 5,000 lives a year. Treatment guidelines released in February by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, offer a dramatic shift in how physicians… , of 820 words 1500. Washington Post – January 3, 1997 SOARING ASTHMA RATE MAY BE LINKED TO DEFEAT OF CHILDHOOD DISEASES, STUDY SAYS Asthma rates are skyrocketing in the United States and other Western nations not because of increased air pollution or other environmental toxins, as many scientists have theorized, but because people are getting fewer serious respiratory diseases in childhood, a provocative new study suggests. The study, in today’s issue of the journal Science, suggests that diseases such as tuberculosis and whooping cough may permanently alter a child’s immune system in a way that… , of 1052 words 1500. *- December 23, 1996 URBAN ASTHMA RATES ALARMING ALTHOUGH CITY AIR IS CLEANER, ASTHMA IS BECOMING A BIGGER PROBLEM, ESPECIALLY FOR POOR MINORITIES, AND LEAVES SCIENTISTS PUZZLED. Figuring out asthma can be like trying to learn a foreign language. Just when everything starts making sense, you get to the complicated part – say, the subjunctive tense.“I’m a pulmonologist, and the more I learn about asthma, the more confused I become,” said Dr. David Mannino of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If things were only more simple.Since the late 1970s, urban air quality has improved by most measures, a… , of 84 words 1500. Journal Gazette, The Fort Wayne, IN – November 23, 1996 WAITING TO INHALE ASTHMA DIAGNOSES, DEATHS ARE INCREASING Asthma steals Carmen Herrera’s breath away, and no matter how wide she opens her mouth she can’t get it back.Each time it happens, emergency-room doctors restore the Oxnard, Calif., woman’s breathing with drugs. But months ago, she had an allergic reaction to the medicine they gave her. She tried to tell them it wasn’t working but fell into a coma. She came very close to dying before emerging five days later.“I was told before that… , of 1210 words 1500. Financial Times London, England – November 18, 1995 The Nature of Things: Western lifestyle brings on the wheeze – Pollution does not cause asthma, but it makes it worse. Andrew Derrington reports on the search for a cure Asthma is a puzzling illness in more ways than one.

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