Hospital uses new asthma treatment Procedure relaxes bronchial tubes

Hospital uses new asthma treatment Procedure relaxes bronchial tubes
  Highland Park Hospital is using a more aggressive treatment for children suffering from asthma this fall, the start of the asthma season triggered by autumn leaves, pollen and mold. The treatment, called continuous nebulization, distributes a large, continuous dose of the drug albuterol to the lungs through a small machine called a nebulizer. The drug relaxes bronchial tubes to help asthma sufferers breathe more easily.Many hospitals in Lake County treat asthma in emergency rooms or…


Asthma treatment

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It is on the increase both in the UK, where it affects up to one child in seven and one adult in 20, and worldwide. Nobody knows the cause either of the illness itself or of this increasing prevalence. And no radically new drugs have been introduced recently to treat it. In spite of all these difficulties, doctors and scientists working on asthma do not seem to be depressed. In fact they are optimistic, even confident.In part, their… , of 828 words 1500. Financial Times London, England – September 20, 1995 Management: Wanted: a breath of fresh air – Health Check / Work-related asthma is on the rise Asthma related to work – from which an estimated one in five of Britain’s 3m asthmatics suffer – is the only form of the disease which is genuinely reversible if recognised early. Yet few in business are aware of the condition. Earlier this year the National Asthma Campaign surveyed 500 small to medium-sized enterprises whose employees could be affected by the condition. Only per cent of companies contacted knew what the disease was, and only per cent of those had taken any… , of 598 words 1500. The Tampa Tribune – August 11, 1995 Survey: Asthma often undetected in kids Undiagnosed asthma is prevalent in primary school-aged children, suggests a survey of parents of 6- and 7-year-olds presented at the International Conference of the American Thoracic Society/American Lung Association, held recently in Seattle. Of 1,666 children, 3 children with asthma 19 percent were identified. Thirty-nine percent of those children had asthma symptoms that had not ly been diagnosed. The symptoms included wheezing after exercise, a dry cough at night, and sleep… , of 504 words : 51 – 60 of 295486 |12 5 6 78910111213 151617181920
. Philadelphia Inquirer, The PA – December 8, 1994 DEATH RATE FROM ASTHMA SURGES HERE THE CITY’S RATE TRIPLED EVEN AS AIR GOT CLEANER. POOR BLACKS AND LATINOS WERE THE HARDEST HIT. \ The rate of asthma deaths more than tripled in Philadelphia from 1977 to 1991, with blacks and Latinos in poor neighborhoods hit particularly hard, a new study has found.The rise in asthma deaths here was paralleled in some other big cities, researchers said, but it far exceeded the 46 percent increase in the national death rate from asthma during roughly the same period. Asthma deaths here climbed during a time when air quality in Philadelphia improved, suggesting that something besides… , of 1 6 words 1500. Press-Telegram Long Beach, CA – October 5, 1993 CHILDHOOD ASTHMA – WHAT IT IS … HOW TO DEAL WITH IT Childhood asthma affects 5 to 10 per cent of children in the United States. And the number of children suffering from asthma has been increasing over the last 15 years.According to Dr. Peyton Eggleston, Director of Pediatric Allergy at John Hopkins, inner-city children have been particularly hard-hit. Parents will want to know about his work with asthmatic children and what has been learned about childhood asthma over the last several years. Q: What is asthma?A: Asthma is a chronic… , of 10 words 1500. Los Angeles Times – October 13, 1992 Treatment for Asthma Urged During Pregnancy Asthma should be treated just as aggressively in pregnant women as it is in the general population, federal health officials urged Monday in a new report that they predicted would have a major impact.The report concluded that the dangers of uncontrolled asthma are far greater to the mother and fetus than any known risks associated with asthma medications.In the past, physicians often shied away from prescribing asthma medications to pregnant women because of growing medical concerns… , of 485 words 1500. SACRAMENTO BEE – MARCH 25, 1991 ASTHMA’S DEADLY TURN CATCHES MANY DOCTORS OFF-GUARD Quickly and quietly, asthma is killing people. Cases are increasing. Hospitalizations are multiplying. The death rate is climbing.Yet even in Sacramento, an asthma hotbed, the disease continues to be misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated.Physicians have had good intentions in approaching patients with asthma, said Mark O’Hollaren, director of the allergy and asthma clinic at Oregon Health Sciences University. But two things have changed faster than the… , of 1 2 words 1500. The *Baton Rouge, La. – November 21, 1989 Asthma ** Medication can control problem Asthma, that villain of our respiratory systems, turns easy breathing into desperate gasping.

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