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July 15, 2007

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If they had continuing, severe asthma, they were more… , of 8 words 1500. Herald-Sun, The Durham, NC – June 10, 2003 N.C. children suffer untreated asthma UNC study says thousands have not been diagnosed Asthma appears to be a sleeper disease waiting to be diagnosed in thousands of wheezing children throughout North Carolina, according to a UNC research study published Monday in a leading children’s medical journal. Contrary to popular belief, the chronic lung disorder also strikes as frequently in rural youngsters as in their city cousins, causing symptoms ranging from mild wheezing to fatal suffocation, according to the UNC analysis of a statewide… , of 1002 words 1500. THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE – May 7, 2002 $12 million push to fight asthma Initiative based on state health study that finds growing problem Asthma problems are on the rise in California, a new state health study confirms today, prompting officials to launch a $12 million effort to improve prevention and treatment. Asthma sypmptoms have been diagnosed in an estimated 3.9 million California children and adults, or about 11.9 percent of the state’s total population, at some point in their lives, the study found. That compares with a national rate of 10.1 percent. The new data represent the first detailed… , of 751 words 1500. *- February 18, 2002 BREATHING UNEASILY UAB STUDY FINDS ASTHMA IN 10% OF CITY’S PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS Childhood asthma has been rising to epidemic levels worldwide, and new research shows that 10 percent of Birmingham public school children have asthma. From 1986 to 2001, rates in children under five in the United States soared 160 percent, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control. Clearly, it’s been on the rise, certainly since the 1980s, not only in the United States, but all over the world, said Dr. Roni Grad, a professor… , of 956 words 1500. St. Petersburg Times – February 11, 2001 BREATHING LESSONS Asthma’s boom brings new need for awareness The number of people with asthma is jumping exponentially. As researchers float various theories for the cause, doctors struggle to keep it under control. Kenny Slaby coughs. When he runs around outside, when he sleeps at night, when he eats ice cream, Kenny coughs. It’s a thick, rheumy cough that comes and then goes, several days or a week at a time, for no apparent reason.Kenny’s cough had become background noise at home, his mom says, a glitch in the… , of 29 words 1500. Daily Telegraph Sydney, Australia – November 27, 2000 Battling asthma Many asthma sufferers don’t fully understand how to manage the disease. PAMELA WILSON reports There are few things more frightening than desperately fighting to get enough air into the lungs to breathe properly. This is a fear more than a million Australians face every day.Asthma is a serious health problem that affects a significant proportion of the population and evidence suggests it may be on the increase.“When you can’t get air into the lungs, nothing… , of 1152 words 1500. Hobart Mercury Australia – October 10, 2000 Eleanor flies kite for asthma ASTHMA Tasmania now has a human face and a symbol which may become as familiar as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’s red nose. The face is Eleanor Patterson, a -year-old Lenah Valley mountain biker who has had exercise induced asthma EIA for about five years.Ms Patterson, who has competed nationally and internationally, said: “I have found if I manage my asthma properly it doesn’t affect the way I ride or how I compete.” Managing her… , of 0 words 1500. Chicago Sun-Times – August 15, 1999 City kids outpace U.S. asthma rate Asthma rates among inner-city Chicago children are more than twice the national average, but most kids aren’t getting proper medications, a new study says. Researchers questioned parents of kindergartners and found 10.8 percent of the children had been found to have asthma. Researchers estimated an additional 6 percent to 7 percent had undiagnosed asthma. By comparison, the nationwide asthma rate for children 5 to is 7.4 percent.Moreover, many of the asthma cases were… , of 6 words : – 50 of 295486 |12 5 678910111213 151617181920
1500. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – June 7, 1999 Attacking asthma Teens at South Division study air quality, link to lung disease Richard Salgado has suffered from asthma for all of his years.

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