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more children are being diagnosed with asthma than ever before

May 9, 2008

Researchers say more children are being diagnosed with asthma than ever before. The reasons for the increase are unclear, but theories abound. Today, about 12 percent of children in the United States under age 18 have the chronic lung disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control.It is the third leading cause of hospitalization among children under age 15. And according to the American Lung Association, it now accounts for one in six of all pediatric emergency room visits .

Should children with asthma be given allergy shots? That question was complicated last week after a highly publicized Johns Hopkins University study found no benefit from the shots in treating a group of youngsters with moderate to severe asthma.”Parents are wondering what to do and people are asking, Should I quit these allergy shots.

Many children with asthma suffer because their disease is poorly controlled, causing sudden attacks and unplanned trips to the doctor’s office or emergency rooms each year, according to a recent national survey.The survey found that asthma interferes with many aspects of family life. Parents worry about allowing their kids to play at someone else’s house or to enjoy vigorous activities




July 28, 2007

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  An ambitious proposal to fight childhood asthma focuses on outreach and treatment, two areas local doctors say are the key to beating the disease.First lady Hillary Clinton yesterday unveiled a $68 million asthma program that will be part of the White House budget proposal, one she said was the “first-ever comprehensive, administration-wide strategy” to fight the disease. Most of the money — $50 million — would be used for competitive state grants to find and…


.. , of 809 words 99. *Madison, WI – November 19, 1998 UW RESEARCHERS LAUNCH CHILDHOOD ASTHMA STUDY< UP TO 200 NEWBORNS NEEDED FOR SERIES OF TESTS Asthma researchers in Madison hope to find out why some children develop the dangerous disease before they reach age 5.They need help from about 200 new babies. “We’re all very excited about this project,” said Dr. Robert Lemanske, an expert on asthma and professor of pediatrics and medicine at the UW-Madison Medical School.He’s the director of a study called COAST, for Childhood Origins of Asthma, funded by a $3.1 million grant from… , of 655 words : 71 – 80 of 295486 |12 567 8 910111213 151617181920
r, The Cleveland, OH – May , 1998 WHY OUR CHILDREN CAN’T BREATHE THE RISE IN ASTHMA IN THE YOUNGER SET Dr. Carolyn M. Kercsmar, director of the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Asthma Center, is a slight, unimposing woman, until she walks into her East Side office one day last month.Like a quick-changing Superwoman, she takes off her leather bomber jacket and puts on a white doctor’s coat. Once cloaked, she is greeted respectfully by her colleagues. Nurses shower her with questions and concerns. She responds in a calm, almost monotone, voice.She… , of words 99. Daily Press Newport News, VA – April 29, 1998 CHILDHOOD ASTHMA WHY AREN’T VIRGINIA’S CHILDREN BREATHING EASY? Samuel Ghivizzani knows exactly how to describe an asthma attack: “It feels like a big ring around my neck.” Samuel, a 7-year-old redhead with freckles splashed across his nose, loves to run, ride his bike, play soccer and eat candy. But at least twice a day, he and his twin brother, Shane, turn into patients, fighting a disease severe enough to kill them. This morning, as the sun blazes outside, Samuel and Shane are sitting at their kitchen table sucking on… , of 2027 words 99. Newsday Melville, NY – February 15, 1998 Zeroing In On Hot Spots / Efforts to fight asthma examine airport pollution Cherise Johnson has asthma. So do her seven children, her three sisters and the seven grand- and great-grandchildren they have among them. They all live throughout South Ozone Park, about 10 miles from Kennedy Airport. From the seventh floor of her apartment building, Johnson complains, she can feel the vibrations made by departing planes.But more worrisome, public officials and health advocates say, is whether her family’s chronic illnesses – as well as the high rate of asthma… , of 2004 words 99. The Tampa Tribune – October 12, 1997 Athletes need not surrender to asthma SUMMARY: Asthma doesn’t have to slow today’s athletes. With proper medication and precautions, most can perform at their best. TAMPA — Tampa Prep basketball player Reno Bevis didn’t blink last month when a young baseball prospect died after an asthma attack.Bevis, 18, figures he knows his body well enough to avoid a similar fate. I guess I’m like all teenagers. I think I’m invincible, says Bevis, who… , of 992 words 99. *- August 5, 1997 ASTHMA Wouldn’t you avoid a frightening asthma attack – wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath – if you could?Just a few years ago, people with asthma had no choice but to use inhaled medication only after an asthma attack was under way.But a revolution in asthma treatment has made prevention the new buzzword for treating the disease. Most asthmatics, with proper medication and a look at their lifestyles, rarely have full-blown asthma attacks – and now have a higher quality… , of 1817 words 99. *- March 18, 1997 THE BREATH OF LIFE, HOSPITALS HELPING PEOPLE MANAGE THEIR ASTHMA Seeing an asthma attack occur can be frightening. Experiencing one is terrifying.When asthma attacks strike, it’s a frantic struggle for the victims to get their passageways open and their breathing to return to normal. Any number of triggers – allergies, high humidity, cigarette smoke, pollen, even walking up stairs – can be a danger to severe asthma sufferers. And once an attack strikes, the result can be an expensive trip to the emergency room.But area hospitals and… , of 51 words 99. Washington Post – February 25, 1997 ASTHMA TREATMENT SHOULD BE PROMPT, FEDERAL PANEL SAYS Calling asthma under-diagnosed and under-treated, the federal government issued new guidelines yesterday that recommend prompt, aggressive treatment for this common respiratory condition.

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