Foods That Cause Allergy And Asthma

Food is the edifice upon which our body nutrition is dependent. Imagine if one does not take food even for a day, how run-down and emaciated he would feel.  At the same time food can also cause allergic reaction in many. A person may be allergic to more than one food item. In most of food related allergies, the patient is generally aware as to which food item has wrought the damage. Following food items are said to be potent causative factors in causing allergies to some persons, though not all.


Fish Allergy

Sea foods are known causes of allergy out of which fish allergy is the most common. Some people cannot stand foul smell of fish and even very sight of fish can cause allergy. Urticaria – formation of rashes in the skin is the common outcome, though some persons may vomit or nauseate. Persons, allergic to fish, should also avoid taking other sea foods also.

Egg Allergy

Here also white portion of egg and smell of egg is the usual cause of allergy. Reaction from egg allergy is, at times, to severe which may result in collapse and shock, or vomiting in some people.


Allergy from Milk and Milk products

Next to food allergies, milk allergy is a common cause of allergy. In infants allergy occurs when breast-milk is substituted by tinned milk, cow’s or buffalo’s milk This Allergy may manifest in the form of stomach upset, vomiting or even pain in abdomen. If milk is eliminated from an infant’s food for a few days, and if he feels better than milk allergy can be easily established. In some people, condensed milk, whey, curd, cream, cheese etc may also cause allergy resulting in stomach upset and/or vomiting. If milk or any one of its products are triggering allergic reactions, it is wiser to eliminate such items from the diet.

Allergy from Vegetables and Fruits

Both vegetables and fruits form an essential part of daily. Allergy can be established when fruits or vegetables cause abdominal colic, flatulence, vomiting, nausea, urticaria, loose motions or constipation. In most of the cases, a patient is generally aware of the offending food item which has caused such upsets. Spinach, tomato, menthol, ginger, garlic, mangoes, oranges, potatoes may cause allergy in some of the patients. Some people have excessive saliva, soreness in the mouth, stomatitis, partial/complete loss or perversion of taste and their tongues may get reddened. Even some pulses, juices of fruits and vegetable, oral application of vegetable based creams, lotions, smell of touch of some food items (like ginger, onions, garlic etc) may be the causes of allergic reactions. Symptoms of food allergy may appear immediately or even several hours after the ingestion of  offending food items.


At times, food allergies are quite short-lived, while in some cases reactions occur after some hours. Treatment should be directed towards elimination of offending food items which is a lengthy and painstaking process. In any case, identification of the offending food article is necessary failing which the patient may experience food generated allergies for years.




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