Insects Allergy And Asthma

Under this category fall sandfly, mosquitoes, Bee, Wasp, hornets, Cockroaches etc. Reaction due to insect bites is rarely instant, though some redness, swelling and pain may be felt at the bitten site or some fever may also be felt but reaction is neither fatal nor serious, hence no treatment is called for, except taking a tablet of some antihestamirie or rubbing some antiseptic cream/lotion at the affected site. Best way is to stay free from such insects.

Severe reactions are quite common, (such as swelling/ redness, difficulty inbreathing, rashes, urticarial eruptions, chocking, unconsciousness, and even death (in unattended or lately attended cases) consequent upon being stung by wasp, hornet, bee etc. Some people may show instant reaction as a result of which they have severe swelling, acute redness, puffing up of stung portion or even of whole body, fever. As a first step remove the sting by a sterilized pin or needle (or after being dipped in some antiseptic lotion like savalon or Dettol), but never rub the affected area. I fully recollect the case of a youngman who was bitten by an insect and he had urticarial eruptions all over the body with much restivity. The reason being that he did not remove the sting. Instead of removing the sting, he went on rubbing the place and killed also the insect, resulting in severe reactions at the site.

Those who often visit farms, fields, gardens, green pastures etc should be more cautious of such stings and bites. Whenever such a situation arises tie a rubber-band tightly (but not so tight as to impede circulation or cut into the skin) which action will restrict further travel of venomous sting in the body. Loosen the binder after 4-5 minutes and then apply an ice-pack, take a tablet of Avil (25 mg) or Phenergan 10 mg or any other antihistamine. There are certain types of insects present in a particular region and the treatment is not a problem due to easy identification of the allergen. Hence a patient can be easily desensitized.





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