Naturist Treatment For Asthma – Can Coffee Can Cure Your Asthma?

Most of the 24 million Americans with asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases rely on inhalers. No wonder almost 800 Million inhalers are manufactured in America every year. In this context certain interesting studies were done on alternative therapy for asthma. Several such studies were done on the effect of caffeine in asthma. 


The caffeine in the form two cups of strong coffee works very much like any common prescription drug in relieving asthma, and the brew may serve as an effective substitute in an emergency, a study concludes. Researchers cautioned that coffee should not replace asthma medicine in routine treatment, but they said it can help in a pinch when the medicines are not available. The power of coffee to relieve asthma was first reported 125 years ago. Caffeine may have some benefits for asthmatics. They apparently can breathe much more easily after consuming a few of cups of coffee, a team of scientists report. But researchers say asthmatics should not avoid conventional medical care while taking a big gulp of coffee and deep breath of fresh air. The latest coffee study, conducted by researchers shows that caffeine consumption equivalent to three cups of coffee per day surprisingly improved lung function for a group of adult asthmatics.


People who have chronic asthma apparently get healthy; healing jolts when they drink coffee. That’s the surprising conclusion of a study of 20,000 Americans sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. It is difficult to say whether caffeine ingestion produces any long- term beneficial effects for asthma patients but in short time it definitely does.


Scientists at the University of South Florida have conclusively proven that caffeine kills household dust mites. The mites are microscopic organisms that commonly worsen the symptoms of asthma, hay fever and eczema. Because caffeine is considered a naturally occurring insecticide, researchers tested it against mites. After eight weeks, most of the mites treated with caffeine had died.


Coffee consumption, which has been blamed for many ill effects on health, may actually have a health benefit when it comes to asthma. In another large-scale study in Italy, bronchial asthma was less common among coffee drinkers than among non-drinkers. The study indicated that, at least with moderate use, the benefit increased with the amount of coffee consumed. Prevalence of asthma was lower among people who drank three or more cups a day than among two-cup consumers, and lower.

Effect Of Caffefine On Asthma: Can Drinking Cups Of Coffee Bring Relief To Your Asthma




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