Sources Of Allergy That Induce Asthma

Allergy may be caused by

1.   House Dust and Mites

2.   Plant pollens

3.   Fungi

4.   Insects/Insect bites

5.   Food Articles

6.   Animals

7.   Changing weather conditions

8.   Chemicals,   Paints,   Insecticides,  Pesticides, Fertilizers (Industrial Pollution)

9.   Smoke and fly-ash

10.   Heredity

Some other precipitatory factors may be sudden, coincidental or situation-based or some may be even specific to a person only in a given situation but disappear as soon as the agonizing situation becomes non-existent.

It is customary in most houses to clean the houses, sofas, chairs, carpets, clothes, beddings, pillows and other articles so as to divest the house of all its impurities. It is not a bad idea to keep the house clean but some people are so much obsessed by the idea of cleaning that they fail to take into consideration one glaring aspect, that is the dust that flies off as a result of cleaning process, may cause allergy to some, if not all, members in the family. In northern states it is an age old custom, rather a ritual, to virtually clean each and everything in the house so that nothing is left uncleaned. Reason, for and against dusting, can be easily advanced.

When wind blows, it carries dust particles with it which settle over carpets, furniture and other upholstry items, bed-sheets, wearing clothes, utensils, food remnants, shoes, curtains, photo frames etc. House dust may consist of hair/feathers of pets kept in the house, from insects, fungi, human hair. House dust is easily visible (from chairs, sofas, beds, windows, doors, carpets, hangers, shafts etc, when viewed in the sunlight. Dust particles continue to settle over household things and continue to form one layer over the other. A place where trunks, suitcases, redundant and unused articles are stacked continue to gather dust, thus creating a health hazard.

It is not that dust itself can cause allergies but when dust-laden articles are dusted and cleaned, the dust flies




off and enters through our nasal passages or even through mouth. It was, in fact, the common house dust mite that caused allergen in the house dust. Number of allergenic mites revolves around over 200 (say in one gram of house dust) but all the varieties of mite do not exist at one place. It grows where there is high incidence of humidity and thrives on house dust which serves as a living abode for them. It thrives in moderate temperature (say around 20-25°C) and also where humidity is generally around or above 80 %. It is a common knowledge that coastal areas have high humidity and moderate temperature and sultry weather conditions. This may be one of the reasons as to why people living in damp areas have incidence of asthma patients.

When asthmatic patients enter their bedroom which is considered to be an abode of house dust. In order to stay free from allergic impact of house dust, bed-rooms must be cleaned daily and dust not allowed to settle therein. A person who is hypersensitive to house dust, should not enter his/her bedroom (or house even) when it is being cleaned. Remove all the furniture items from the bedroom, clean the beds, replace bed sheets, clean the floor of bedroom daily, keep windows open (not when dust raising winds are blowing or when the rainy water is likely to enter into the bedroom) so as to let in fresh air and sunlight. Remove all window drapes, rugs, furniture from out of the bedroom. Remember, your bedroom is not a drawing-room, it is meant for sleeping, rest and comfort and if more articles are huddled therein, there is every chance for dust to settle over them.

Some people are quite allergic to woollen mattress, quilts and pillows; hence try to replace them with identical foam/rubber items or still better use coir-foam mattresses, particularly in summer. Clean the almirah thoroughly and keep only minimal usable clothes — the more the clothes, the more the chances of dust settling over them. I know the case of a houselady who used to sneeze profusely whenever she opened her almirah. Another lady developed bouts of asthma. A person used to get asthma as soon he entered his house. Never have a carpet in your bedroom which should, in fact, have minimum of articles and must not be converted into a dump room.



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