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singulair side effects

July 15, 2008

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Does Singulair Kill people? Singulair The Popular Allergy Drug Under FDA Investigation

May 9, 2008

Singulair the popular allergy drug was reported to cause psychiatric ailments, suicidal tendencies and severe depression in many patients United States FDA is investigating this in detail.  The FDA is collecting personal stories of suicide and other unusual side effects from Merck’s allergy drug Singulair as part of an extensive review of the drug’s safety. Many parents have been lobbying for a  label warning on mood changes and suicidal thoughts.


When Kate Miller of N.Y., got a new allergy drug prescription for her 15-year-old son, Cody in July 2007 , she hoped it would improve his bothersome allergy symptoms and asthma. Now, Miller is wondering whether a possible side effect of the drug, Singulair, caused Cody  a happy, athletic teenager  to take his own life about a month later.


Miller isn’t alone. Many physicians and patients have filed anecdotal reports the Food and Drug Administration on Singulair  that may have been linked to episodes of suicidal thoughts or actions. In just the past few months, the FDA has released several advisory notices to both doctors and the public about cases of singulair linked to suicidal thoughts or actions, including S



It’s a medical quandary that has doctors, drug makers, federal health officials and patients confused and understandably concerned. Are the links between these medications and the risk of suicide real? And if so, how can drugs that are intended to help people instead potentially prompt them to end their lives?


In the meantime Ron Rogers, a spokesperson for Merck, which makes the drug says that  a cause-and-effect link between Singulair and suicide has not been proven, and patients on the drug who are worried should consult their doctors. If patients have any concerns about Singulair, the most appropriate course of action to take is to speak with their physician.  The drug maker, Merck & Co has however , added “suicidality” to the list of Singulair’s side effects last year, and the FDA last month launched an investigation into the drug.


 Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat from Greenport has met several people including Kate Miller who have been affected by Singulair. Gillibrand and FDA officials took particular interest in how the children’s behavior changed after stopping the drug and plans to continue working with the Kate Millers to get information from other parents who have had similar experiences. As part of its investigation, the FDA has already directed Merck to go through records from the drug’s clinical trials, and the agency is examining adverse-effect reports that people have filed with the government after bad experiences with the medication.