The Asthma Medicine Singulair under US Food And Drug Authority Investigation For Side Effects

Many asthmatics are suddenly worried about taking Singulair, the popular allergy and asthma drug. Singulair is now under a FDA safety review for its possible link to suicide and depression. Doctors say adults and children can still continue taking the singular medication, but they have to observe closely any signs of depression, behavioral disorders and suicidal tendencies.


Singulair also known as Montelukast is used for the long term maintenance treatment of asthma and to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies. While Singulair has been associated with side effects like gastrointestinal disturbances, hypersensitivity reactions, sleep disorders and increased bleeding tendency the higher occurrence of depression in users is now being investigated by US Food and Drug Authority.


Singulair sure was a blockbuster drug for the management of asthma when it was introduced in 1998. It is a once-a-day drug is offering freedom from the inhaler for chronic asthma suffers as young as 6 years old. Singulair, part of a new class called leukotriene inhibitors, was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in February 1998. It helps block the inflammation response of lung tissues that, in part, causes asthma. The Food and Drug Administration in January 2003 approved drug giant Merck & Co. Singulair for use in tackling hay fever (rhinitis) another common ailment. Singulair is now widely prescribed to treat asthma and hay fever symptoms such as sneezing and a nose that is stuffy, runny or itchy. It blocks an

inflammation pathway in the body that can cause both asthma and allergy symptoms. Medical experts say Singulair is significant for three reasons: Testing showed few and minor side effects; it is convenient; and it can be used in children as young as 6 years. The drug however does not treat asthma attacks. Asthmatics must still carry their quick-relief and rescue medicines.


Merc the patent holder and manufacturer of Singulair is now working closely with US FDA over the past year to update prescribing information and patient information for Singulair to include the possible risk of tremors, depression and suicidal tendencies.



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