Usage Of Inhaled Steroids In The Treatment Of Asthma

Cortisone aerosols were one of the important types of medications used for the treatment of asthma. Cortisone inhalers activity is highly localized and is absorbed slowly. They have very minimal risk of side effects as a result of this.. Inhaled steroid is very effective in controlling chronic asthma in all age groups. They effectively reduce the need for oral cortisones. This effectiveness of inhaled cortisones has been proven in so many studies that doctors invariably use inhaled cortisones to treat chronic and acute asthma.

After the usage of inhalers oral cortisone doses can be reduced by 70 to 90 percent in children with asthma. Asthmatics who have used inhaled cortisone for a number of years have much lesser acute asthma episodes. After their introduction cor¬tisone inhalers were initially recommended only for patients with poorly controlled asthma. Application of higher doses in patients who do not respond well to conventional doses improves their condition and reduces their oral cortisone drug requirement.  

The favorable results seen over many years of usage of inhaled cortisones have surely weighed risk reward benefits in its favor.  The patients taking inhaled cortisones had better peak flow rates and symptom scores and had fewer asthma relapses. Asthma specialists have found that it is more beneficial to start using inhaled cortisones in initial stages over a prolonged period rather than use it as a rescue medicine (as and when needed). Most doctors use aerosolized corticosteroids as first-line therapy in pa¬tients with chronic asthma.

Overall inhaled cortico steroids are more benign compared to oral steroids when it comes to side effects. The inhaled cortisone preparations that are available are beclomethasone (commercial name Vanceril, Beclovent), flunisolide (AeroBid), and triamcinolone (Azmacort). Cortisone inhalers however are not free of side effects.  Adrenal gland failure has been reported in some patients, dental problems are common in inhaled cortisone users, many cases of cataract and glaucoma has been reported. However these side effects can be considered minor considering the overall benefits.



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